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Measure D construction update

Since school let out in June, construction has been in full swing, with crews working swiftly to complete the Summer 2016 Projects in preparation for the 2016-2017 school year.

Morro Bay High School

At MBHS, the tennis courts were re-paved and re-painted over Summer 2016. The Wrestling Room and Autoshop were relocated from Building J to their new permanent homes on campus. This is an important anchor project for the future renovation of Building J-700 Wing into the STEAM Classroom Complex that is anticipated to begin construction in Summer 2017.

The Pool Complex that broke ground in May 2016 continues to progress nicely and is projected to finish in time for the start of the 2017-18 school year.

San Luis Obispo High School

At SLOHS, the Annex was demolished to make room for a future brand new 12-classroom Annex that is anticipated to start construction in Summer 2017. In order to educate students in the interim, four temporary classrooms, restrooms and a kitchen are housed in modular buildings equipped with fire alarms and ramps for access. Another six temporary classrooms will be on site beginning in January 2017.

The tennis court renovation that began in May 2016 is expected to be complete by Fall 2016.

CL Smith Elementary School

During Summer 2016, C.L. Smith Elementary School underwent a small modernization with painting campus-wide, the addition of a kindergarten relocatable classroom, and main play structure.

Teach Elementary School

Teach Elementary received upgraded flooring, paving, and a new shade structure.

Del Mar Elementary School

While it isn’t visible to the public, Del Mar Elementary School had a new water line installed during Summer 2016. Infrastructure upgrades are an important aspect of Measure D.

Model Classrooms

Two classrooms at SLOHS (Building 500) were renovated into Model Classrooms over Summer 2016 to serve as the initial pilot. Students and teachers will begin using the renovated classrooms in August 2016. The basis of the design is flexibility: Space, furniture, and technology are made to change on the fly.





Prior to finalizing the designs for Measure D projects and starting on major renovation and new construction, we are able to assess, critique, improve and confirm that the classroom design meets the needs of our students now and in the future. The model classrooms also allow us to create parity among the campuses and standardize the size, materials, products and furniture for ease of construction.

For a look at what’s to come, visit our Project Timeline.