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Model classrooms

Rethinking the Classroom:
Cooperative, Active and Engaged Learning

SLCUSD is committed to providing our students with an education that prepares them for a dynamically changing world. Classroom design plays an extremely important role and influences the levels of student interaction and engagement.

Thinking in terms of “learning studios”, we’re developing model classrooms for our elementary, middle and high school campuses that support collaborative and active learning. The basis of the design is flexibility: Space, furniture, and technology are made to change on the fly. There is ample room to accommodate break-out groups, flexibility to reconfigure the furniture and space to accommodate various teaching and learning styles, and the ability to display information on large screens and teaching walls.

Prior to finalizing the designs for Measure D projects and starting on major renovation and new construction, we are able to assess, critique, improve and confirm that the classroom design meets the needs of our students now and in the future. The model classrooms also allow us to create parity among the campuses and standardize the size, materials, products and furniture for ease of construction.

High School Model Classroom

Two classrooms at SLOHS (Building 500) were renovated over Summer 2016 to serve as the initial pilot. Students will begin using the renovated classrooms in August 2016.

Elementary Model Classroom

In April 2016, Hawthorne Elementary School was chosen as the pilot project for the elementary school model classrooms where flexible furniture is the focus.