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CL Smith Elementary School

Administrative Office Expansion & Bus Drop Off

Description: The existing 3,600 square-foot Administrative office at CL Smith will remodeled and expanded by an additional 400 square feet. The improved Administrative Building will house an enlarged waiting area, Principal and staff offices, a conference room, staff meeting room/lounge, staff and student restrooms and the nurse’s office. The traffic and circulation at the front of the school will be greatly improved with a new dedicated bus drop off area with new paving, sidewalks, landscaping and security fence.

Timeline: The project is in construction and anticipated to be complete by Spring 2018

Project team: RRM Design Group

Campus-wide Painting and new Kindergarten Classroom

Description: Over the course of Summer 2016, CL Smith Elementary School underwent a small modernization that included exterior painting campus-wide, the addition of a kindergarten relocatable classroom, and a new main play structure.

Timeline: The project was completed over Summer 2016

Project team: RRM Design Group